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Ex-Leafmore High student, Stan Jones is a solitary bad boy imprisoned by the past. There is no lock that he can't pick, no misfortune that he can't turn to his own advantage. He has learned that life can be very cruel and has come to terms with that. Stan is not familiar with the casual idleness of College life: he has a full-time job as a delivery truck driver and Fallcreek University is just an address in his service book.

Stan is a returning character, along with Shannon and Kenny. After the events at Leafmore High, Stan has had trouble in life, including serving time in jail. Two years later, he comes to Shannon's aid as the nightmare returns.

He is voiced by Joshua Swanson.


He appears of the start of the game telling that what happened 2 years ago. Second, he appears when Kenny tries to call Stan to get some pills for him. Little after when Mei dies, Stan comes in with Shannon. That's after he joined the group.


Stan is good with weapons, but what he can do even better is pick-locking doors. It will be good help to the team.

Stan wears brown pants, brown skate sohes, blue T-shirt and under that he wears big white shirt, he has a woolly hat.




  • His birthday is June 20, 1985.
  • He is originally from New York.