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Shannon render



Dark girl sexy. She have specials powers like use the infecteds flowers and aura of flowers. Green eyes, nice boobs




Two years after what happened in Leafmore, Shannon and Kenny attend Fallcreak University, which is not far from the high school. They were getting ready to go to a party when Kenny stops by Sven's dorm and takes a sniff of the flower he was holding. Infuriated, Shannon gives Kenny a stern warning and she drags him away. Later on, the party is ruined when the students began to mutate, so she escapes. As she is running through the streets, she encounters an ill Kenny and they head to the hospital.

At the hospital, Kenny confesses that he sniffed the flower and it made his condition worse. Also, he didn't have his pills, so he couldn't try to fight it back. Shannon looks all around the hospital to find some, but to no avail. As she tries to encourage Kenny to keep fighting, loses the will to fight it. As Corey and Amy enter the room, Kenny begins to mutate, and Shannon tells the two to leave immediately. She stays, holding Kenny's hand as a last attempt to save him, but as the black smoke goes away and she sees his new form, she screams. As an attempt to escape, she jumps out the window.

Shannon knew that she had to put a stop to Kenny, so she contacts Stan, who later picks her up from the hospital. They enter the parking garage to see Sven, the professor and Amy passed out. They also discover Corey impaled by a pole and Mei lays dead under Kenny. Determined to stop him, Shannon and Stan attack Kenny, who eventually escapes. After Stan gets the pole out of Corey, Shannon pities him as he cries over Mei's body. Eventually, they get him to leave with everybody else in Stan's van.

Driving down the empty highway, Shannon finds a picture of her group of friends from high school before the first epidemic. With Stan temporarily distracted, Shannon spots the fat monster in the middle of road, causing Stan to drive off the cliff, crashing. Everybody is still alive, though most of them are unconscious, save for Corey and Shannon. They decide to move on to find a way out, and they find their way into the dam.



  • Her birthday is August 24, 1986.
  • She is originally from Riverside, CA.
  • It is interesting to note that her in-game and full body render's hair color is red, whereas the head shot render has dark blue hair.