Unlike the previous game, you aren't stuck in just one place; You'll be visiting several places, as well as revisiting.

  • Fallcreek University - This is where the game starts off; It is where the majority of the cast (excluding Stan) attend. Also, this is where the strange flowers have first begun to bloom.
  • The Brotherhood - Also known as Delta Theta Gamma, the Brotherhood is supposedly a place for much more qualified students. Richard James is one of the mentors here.
  • Fallcreek Forest - The forest is across the street from Delta Theta Gamma, and it is quite easy to get lost in at night time.
  • Fallcreek Hospital -
  • Fallcreek Lake -
  • Turtle Stone Island -
  • Jedidiah's House - The shack-looking building where the deformed man lives.
  • Leafmore High - The origin of the nightmare, Leafmore High has been empty for the past two years. It is currently under construction.
Energydrink-icon We have to find the others, quickly!
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